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Decked in radiant colours, carrying the aesthetic brass pots on heads held high, performing to the catchy beats - the spectacular Karagam makes its way.

Watching a Karagam performance is an experience by itself. It is a multi-layered show packed with inspiring stories, interesting anecdotes, and appealing tunes. We are happy to bring Karagam back to you. A favourite of our audience, it has garnered huge success and support from the art-lovers. Don’t miss the chance!


A medley of arts, Karagam is soulful and distinctive with the folk elements transporting you to a totally different era.

Book your tickets now. Get transported !

About the Play

AK Theatre Ltd’s subsequent theatre production is a series on Koothu Festival. Our production team at AKT makes consistent efforts to revive the forgotten dance forms and traditional folk arts of rural India to package them into a stage performance. Koothu festival will present a series of thematic shows that explores our rich Indian heritage through the ethnic folk arts.  

Koothu is a diverse art form, which combines singing, dancing and musical instruments. Going beyond just a means of entertainment, Koothu is also an educational tool. It remains a coordinated activity, where a story is narrated, experienced and dramatized in the Koothu art form.


Karagam is distinctive in its subtle balancing skills and graceful movements. The objective of our production is to provide a first-hand folk arts experience to the audience, while at the same time exploring stories of failures that eventually became success stories. The stories of the performance leave a message for the viewers, in addition to providing a rich experience of traditional folklore.

The objective of our production is to provide a first-hand folk arts experience to the audience, while providing a new dimension to the whole art form. By doing this, we want to create art awareness among the Singapore community for Karagam, that is over 200 years old. 

We would like to mention here that our previous performance on Karagam was well-received and there were requests for a repeat performance from many quarters. We are honoured that our attempt at reviving folkloric traditions has been well-acclaimed and appreciated.

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