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Our Productions

Singai Series

Singai stage productions series is based on tales from Singaporean legend and folklore. The first two of the series has been penned by R Chandran, a leading children theatre expert of Singapore. The series caters specially to the upper primary and lower secondary Tamil-speaking students. The theatre styles adopted in this series - the invisible theatre, interactive theatre and forum theatre - help to keep the audiences engaged throughout the play.

List of productions in Singai series

Jing Jak Series

The aim of jing jak series productions is to use theatre to re-emphasize to children the importance of inner beauty, both in the world around and within each of us. Our intent is to create a learning journey that is visually appealing to pre-school children, in the age group of 2 - 6 years. As our nation moves forward in this competitive world, we have to continuously align our core values with the changing times.

Set in a musical presentation and a colourful background, we bring out the wonders of puppetry and limitless imagination to the young ones.

List of productions in Jing Jak series


AKT Festival

AKT festival has been launched to revive and promote the traditional art forms of storytelling and theatre.  2016 saw the launch of ‘Storython’, where International story tellers from Malaysia, Vietnam and India took over the stage for a non-stop storytelling session in 4 different languages to children in the age group of 5 to 10. We will soon be expanding the festival to have theatre productions from other countries as well.

List of productions in AKT Festival series

The Pentalogy  Series

The Pentalogy series is based on Tamil classics and is specifically for the higher secondary students. The first one in the series is based on Silapathikaram, one of the greatest epic of Tamil Literature. It is staged in clown theatre format with able guidance from the expert trainer of Europe and the clown workshop supported by NAC.

List of productions in Pentalogy series

Koothu Series

Our production team at AKT makes consistent efforts to revive the forgotten dance forms and traditional folk arts of rural India to package them into a stage performance. Koothu festival will present a series of thematic shows that explores our rich Indian heritage through the ethnic folk arts.
Koothu is a diverse art form, which combines singing, dancing and musical instruments. Going beyond just a means of entertainment, Koothu is also an educational tool. It remains a coordinated activity, where a story is narrated, experienced and dramatized in the Koothu art form.

List of productions in Koothu series

List of other productions

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