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About Us

AK Theatre is our long-term passion and dream come true. We aim to establish ourselves as a non-profit organization in the years to come. Through this venture, we wish to keep the Tamil Language and culture alive amongst our Indian children and the future generations. We want to enrich the childhood of our future citizens and expand their imagination through theatre art and its visual depictions.

We offer fun and educational programs, which enthuse and inspire our performers, participants and audiences by imparting and inspiring skills which last a lifetime. Our programs are delivered by means of workshops, stage productions, video productions and lectures aimed at building our participants' confidence and creativity through the performing arts, speech, drama & entertainment. We are sharing our rich experience and exposure of Tamil culture and ancient Indian art forms as events, specially targeting the primary and secondary school children to enable them to learn even as they get entertained.

Our Vision

AK Theatre vision is to bring the arts to Tamil children and youth, to empower them. This will be achieved by conducting arts festivals, workshops and stage productions. The stage productions will be interactive Tamil and bilingual musical and art works with strong Singapore elements.


AK Theatre empowers children by inspiring their creativity, expanding their imaginations and by imparting skills that will last a lifetime through stage and video productions, workshops, and interactive festivals. AK Theatre is committed to presenting quality arts education programs for children that are fun and exciting, and which will help keep the Tamil Language and Indian culture alive today and for generations to come.

Core Values


We are passionate about our craft and want to share it with everyone.


We embrace creativity in any form and integrate the various mediums.


We strive for a good mix of heart and head.


We believe in being honest with how we do our work.

Anandha Kannan


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Rani Kanna


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