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A Tamil Traditional Musical Production

Esplanade - Annexe Studio
27 & 28 September 2019 

3.00 pm & 7.30 pm


AK Theatre would like to welcome you all to the world of ethnic folk arts with our performance. Our Karagam presentation (a traditional Tamil musical - combining singing, dancing and musical instruments), performed in December 2018 at Our Tampines Hub was well-received and a big success among the audience. We crafted an organic representation that celebrates the ancient art form of Karagam, a mesmerizing dance of focus, grace and balance as the artists skillfully balance a pot on the head as they dance to a pattern of synchrony and elegant movements.

Failure is a part of success and how successful personalities overcome the insults and disappointments is the theme of this show. Once we realise that failures are transient, we learn to take it in its stride. The message is shown through five different stories, each stressing on the never-give-up attitude of a successful personality. 

The making of Karagam involves 5 steps – of crafting a pot from the metal, adding soil and clay to the pot, placing of sticks and twigs around it, keeping leaves all around the pot, and decorating it with flowers. Each of these steps are shown on stage and simultaneously involves the narration of a new inspirational story performed by the artists in the distinctive style of Karagam. 


The mere mention of Karagam will bring to your mind a picture of intense focus, grace and balance. And we needed all of these as we started our work on this project a year ago. The one and only objective we had in mind was to ignite the divine beauty of this art and to reach to our people.

I extend my sincere thanks to Anandha Kannan for the story and concept, the discussion of which led to an immediate connect with this storyline. We wanted to craft an organic representation that mirrors the realistic traditional art form and have worked with dancers, musicians, singers and storytellers.

We performed our training sessions in India with Mrs Thenmozhi Rajendran and Mr Rajendran. Our thanks to Rajendran sir for helping us to assemble the Karagam. My love to all who have come together to realise the dream work!


Karagam dates back to at least 100 years of existence and we are thrilled to reconstruct this glorious art form for today’s generation. Every move of our Karagam was formulated for a classicalized version that is traditionally delivered to our audience.

It was a pleasure to work along with Krishnna Kumarri, Logeshwari and Akshara Thiru. When we first commenced the project, it was not easy to formulate the pace. And now looking back, we feel that the time spent over it is worth all the effort and the outcome.

We are extremely pleased to present our Karagam production not only to Singapore, but to the whole world. And now, our hope lingers that those interested will be taking it up with vigour and delight. Finally I dedicate this dance to my Guru Manimaran.


A lot of research has gone into the music, culture and on the artistes involved with Karagam for this project. The beauty of Parai Isai and Naiyandi is something that I hold dearly, which drove me to form the first Dravidar Melam in Singapore - a combination of Parai, Thavil, Urumi, Pambai and Thudumbu.


Staging these art forms has been an amazing experience, thanks to the dancers, singers and other musicians such as the Nadaswaram player, who were able to draw out the essence of the Tamil folk traditions and bring them to life.




27 September 2019

3.00 PM 


27 September 2019

7.30 PM 

28 September 2019

3.00 PM 

28 September 2019

7.30 PM 

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