After the successful productions of our Tamil children’s theatre series ‘Jing Jak’: Jing Jak (2014), Chikkumaanggu (2015) and Jill (2016). AKT is excited to present their first interactive show in English.




FEstive Arts Theatre


DATe & Time:

02 & 03 March 2018 (3 pm)



This Programme is eligible for the
Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy

2 March 2018 (2 pm Show)

3 March 2018 (3 pm & 6 pm Show)

FOR Public

2 March 2018 (2 pm Show)

3 March 2018 (3 pm & 6 pm Show)

“Why do we encourage and emphasize on theatre visits for your little children?”

This is undoubtedly because theatre shows have a great influence on the young minds. As the children watch a live performance, they get transported to a new world and instinctively learn new things in an exciting environment. Even as they watch a show like SingaRoar, they relate to the lion in the play and understand the feelings and emotions displayed. They become one with the character, which develops feelings of empathy in the young minds.

Also, theatre shows effectively promotes creative thinking. Research proves that children who are able to think creatively have higher chances of becoming future leaders in their fields since they develop the ability to invent solutions and bring out new discoveries. 

We know that as teachers and parents, you look for a comprehensive education for your ward. Many neuroscientists and psychologists have ascertained that not just the logical side of the brain, but the creative and visual part of the brain need to be stimulated for the child to have an optimum development pattern. Interestingly, theatre trips does all this and more. It also brings out significant development on educational outcomes.

Even as they watch a story, they catch up on new words thus increasing their vocabulary, improving their communication and listening skills, and thereby developing concentration and interpretation skills. And all this happens with no extra efforts at all. 

So, taking students to theatre shows not only builds up their literary skills, humanitarian values and empathy among fellow-students; but it also exposes to the students the tales of other cultures and traditions. Through this, they learn to respect differences in culture, thoughts and personality.

Isn’t it amazing that entertainment can be an all-encompassing tool for the development of the little thinkers of our society? So, let’s make hay while the sun shines….come, grab your tickets and take your little kids on an engaging ride into a new world of amusement and knowledge.