First Tamil Multi-Sensory Baby Theatre Production


AK Theatre will be presenting a multi-sensory Baby Theatre called ‘Paapa’ targeting babies in the age group of 10 to 18 months, including babies with special needs as well. We aim to provide a sensory theatrical experience that helps and guides the parents to understand the baby’s perceptions better.  


We propose to have one of such shows exclusively dedicated for children with special needs of the lower primary age group with intellectual ability matching up with babies of the said age group. 


Baby Theatre is a concept where the young minds are given an exposure of the new world around them through the five senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, touching and feeling that are strengthened by close interactions and cosy moments of exploration. 

PAAPA - A4 Poster - 2.jpg


Paapa will be completed in a maximum of 40 minutes’ time and the whole flow of sequence will involve expanding the scope of baby’s sensory skills and experiences. The show will be split into 4 segments of a baby’s day-schedule - wake up routine; playtime; exploring the world around and the winding-up.


The famous Tamil Song ‘Odi Vilayadu Paapa’ written by the Tamil poet Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar is the backdrop for this show, demonstrating a day’s routine in the life of a baby.


It starts with the Paapa waking up in the morning to the warmth of the morning sun, showers enjoying the feel of the water, plays around, exploring with the toys, and finally gets tired and sleeps.


14 FEBRUARY 2020 (10.30 AM)


14 FEBRUARY 2020 (02.00 PM)


15 FEBRUARY 2020 (10.30 AM)

15 FEBRUARY 2020 (02.00 PM)