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As a part of the next production of AKT’s Pentalogy Series, Kundalakesi is getting adapted for our ‘yellow ribbon project’, a community initiative programme meant to create awareness among people. AK theatre will be presenting Kundalakesi with the blend of Musical Theatre & yellow ribbon project to bring the Epic into the Real World and give audience a Breath-taking & Remarkable Theatre Experience.


The play illustrates a ‘support sharing session’ happening inside the prison, where a counsellor is talking to three of the jail inmates about their past lives and wrongdoings. Each of the prisoners, in turn, share their life’s account and the reason they landed up in the prison. Once the session ends, each of their personal story will get re-enacted by the same actors. This flashback will be presented as a musical piece brought out in live action. And at the end of it all, the point to ponder is on the uncertainty - what happens when they leave the prison and is there any possibility of a future for them.

Show Details

  • Recommended for Audience atleast at the age of 13 and above.

  • Bilingual (Tamil & English)

  • Duration: 1 Hour and 15 minutes without intermission

  • Venue: ITE College Central - Black box (2 Ang Mo Kio Dr, Singapore 567720)

Show Timings

26th October 2018 - 7 PM

27th October 2018 - 3 PM

27th October 2018 - 6 PM

Tickets (General Public)

General Tickets : $ 25 Each 
Group Booking (Bundle of 5) : $ 20 Each.

Tickets (Students)

Students Ticket Price : $ 18 Each

About the Cast

Cover Page.png

Ramesh Venkat

Kalaiselvi Grace

Deborah Emmanuel

Mukthi Mugu

Deborah Emmanuel

Deborah Emmanuel (b.1988) is a Singaporean poet, performer, and multiple TEDx speaker. As a poet she has featured at festivals like the Barcelona International Poetry Festival and the Makassar International Writers Festival and won slams in Singapore, Germany and Australia. Her solo work has gone to places like Berlin, London, New York City and Kathmandu, and s​he has toured alongside​ ​people​​ ​like​ ​Anthony Anaxagorou​ ​and Sarah Kay​.

Deborah’s first collection, When I Giggle In My Sleep, was published by Red Wheelbarrow Books in 2015. Her creative non-fiction work Rebel Rites, was self-published in 2016. Genesis: Visual Poetry Collection released in 2018. When not making poems, she creates music with Wobology, Mantravine, The Ditha Project, and Kiat, acts on stage and facilitates workshops. Her most recent work experiments with moving poetry into the physical body. She has just started making visual art as a new way to experience metaphor.

Ramesh Venkat

Ramesh Venkat, currently pursuing his Mechanical Engineering, NUS year 3, is an ardent theatre lover. His interest in acting procured him the role of ‘Mugi’ in the play, Kesi. The Character of Mugi is based on the real-life story of an ex-prisoner. While it had been a daunting challenge for Ramesh to emote suitably and do justice to the character and the person, Ramesh has done a wonderful job in his debut performance.

Mukthi Mugu

Mugu a.k.a. Mukthi, is a Singaporean Indian independent music artiste. His line of works varies from music producing, singing, rapping, lyric writing and many more. As a locally brewed artiste, he has ventured out into international music projects, consisting of Kollywood and Malaysia. He runs a record label, named SingIsai Records. The company has released many audio singles and music videos, and is also in collaboration with Singapore Mediacorp Vasantham as well. 

Mugu is also popularly known for his stage hosting and disc jockeying talents where he has been active in the events industry for the past 8 years and he has hosted various notable events over the period of years. 
He is well known for his strong refined English and Tamil accent on stage. In his younger days, he had also established himself as a Radio DJ. Excellingas one in the top 4 finalists in Mediacorp’s “Who want’s to be a DJ” talent contest in the year 2011. His dream project, is to cut an album for a worldwide release. Having secured a deal with Warner Music Singapore. His album is due for release in early 2019.

Kalaiselvi Grace

Kalaiselvi Grace graduated from Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI) in 2014. She is the Artistic Director of Ver Theatre and dabbles in acting, creating, directing, puppetry, masks play and writing in different combinations for stage. Some of her own works include Mother I (2)-2017, Ulagam Pore Pohke Paaru (1)-2017 and Mother I: Amma Naan: Ibu Aku (1)-2016. Commissioned works include The Old Fogies for OctoBurst by Esplanade - 2018 and Stories and Songs from the Bow for Feed Your Imagination by Esplanade -2017. She has also acted in, Into the Blue Forest for 100 & 100 more Festival by The ArtGround -2018 and 0600 for Singapore International Festival of Arts by GroundZ-0 -2018. She also directed The Good Farmer for tHEATREwORKS-2018. Grace wants to create new intercultural works with importance to voices of the minority and suppressed. Kesi is an opportunity to work again in the Tamil Theatre scene.

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