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Jing Jak Poster

November 2014 
Central National Library


Jing Jak depicts the story of three friends – Radin Mas, the princess, Jing, a dejected peacock and Jak, the boy-turned horse.
Radin Mas, a beautiful and funny princess, meets Jak who has been changed to a horse for his act of lying. Radin consoles Jak and promises that Asli will solve his problem. On their way to meet Asli, they meet Jing who is sad that it cannot fly, after having been caught by an old lady for stealing Vada. Radin asks Jing to join them to meet Asli.
Asli was once a handsome prince but now is deformed as a monster. He was changed so because of his unkind nature. But now, Asli has turned over a new leaf and enjoys helping people.
Asli helps them understand their strengths. He advices Jak to take advantage of his transformation. He helps him realize that he is much stronger and can travel great distances in short time. He points out to Jing that it is a beautiful bird with powers to make people feel happy.
He makes them look at everything in a positive light. Finally, Jing and Jak decide to accept themselves and be good to all.

Chikkumangu Poster

September 2015 
Tampines National Library


CHIKKUMANGU shows the story of two friends Jing (peacock) and Jak (horse) attempting to ‘save’ their friend Muthu from the ‘fierce’ lion Chikkumangu.
The narrator will be leading the play and portraying a character in the course of the story. The first act will see Jing and Jak establishing their life in the forest by celebrating the beauty of nature and the simple things available to them. Their fairy tale mood gets interrupted when their friend Muthu runs onto them crying that a big ferocious animal was trying to attack him.
Jing and Jak with the typical Laurel and Hardy attitude decide to avenge their friend. Jing leaves to fight with the ‘animal’, but rolls back into the scene in a short time. He reports that the animal was swift and fierce and he had run away before the animal could spit fire at him.
Now, Jak marches off angrily to take heads on with the new animal. Jing and Muthu have a conversation that Jak will surely put the animal in its place. But then, Jak retreats into the scene
The narrator enters the story as their friend Radin Mas. Jing, Jak and Muthu tell her about the ‘new animal’. Then she speaks to each one of them and gets to know that none of them had actually communicated with the animal. Radin then encourages them to start a conversation with the animal.
Reluctantly, Jing and Jak try to talk to the animal and to their surprise, they realize that it is actually a lion cub that had been more scared of Muthu, Jing and Jak than they were. The story ends with all of them giving assurance that they mean no harm to Chikkumangu, their new-found friend.

Jill Poster

September 2016 
Woodlands Regional Library


JILL is the story of the two friends Jing (peacock) and Jak (horse) indulging in traditional games with wooden Bamparam (wooden top) and Pattam (traditional kite). The depiction of these heritage games will be accompanied with traditional songs sung by young artistes on stage along with Jing and Jak.
Soon, the light-hearted games turn out to a fierce competition. Jak starts calling Jing names and makes fun of its bulky size. The argument continues to form a challenge and Jing agrees to meet Jak in a running race. Jing soon realizes that he is no match for the powerful friend. He starts to cry out of despair and sadness. He decides that he needs help and seeks the fairy for advice. The fairy guides him to look out for someone who has outsmarted animals way bigger then him. Jing thinks hard but does not know who it is. The fairy narrates the story of Jill, the mouse deer, which appears in Shadow Puppetry.
And so, Jing goes to Jill, the small but witty mouse deer for help. Jill gives Jing an idea to bring all his friends and relatives to the competition and trick Jak to win.
On the crucial day, Jing places all his look-alike friends and relatives hidden along the race path. As the race begins, Jing and Jak start together, but as Jak goes faster and thinks he has lost sight of Jing, he realizes Jing (or his look-alike) is in front of him. The confused Jak keeps up the speed and passes the new Jing. As soon as he slows down, he spots the next ‘Jing’ ahead. As this keeps repeating, Jak loses his confidence and withdraws from the race.
Jing explains the trick he had played on Jak and asks his forgiveness for cheating him. Jak in return asks for forgiveness for looking down upon him. Thus the story ends with a song that reminds us that we are strong and smart in our own ways.

Nila poster


The story of ‘Nila’ is about two friends Jing (peacock) and Jak (horse). The friends meet a snail who carries his home on his back. The intrigued pair of Jing and Jak decide to set off on an adventure in an attempt to find their own home. After many exciting activities, they decide that the moon could be their home. How they get to the moon and is it really a suitable home for the duo forms the rest of the story. The show ends by making the audience realise that ‘home is where the heart is’. 

August 2017 
Woodlands Regional Library

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