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International Tamil Storytelling Festival 2023

'International Tamil Storytelling Festival 2023' is our third consecutive storytelling event  that brings together professional storytellers from around the world to deliver witty tales in Tamil to the story lovers in Singapore. For this year's event, we plan to fuse stories with Villu Paatu and Puppetry to create a vibrant experience for the viewers

About the program

Followed by the success of the event, which was launched initially in 2019, and again digitally in 2022, we plan to take up International Tamil Storytelling Festival 2023, on a bigger scale targetting preschool students, primary students, parents, teachers and the general public.

Arts and Storytelling are the strong pillars behind all productions of AKT. Our objective of this project is to engage students in creative ways while improving their love for language learning and make them learn about traditional arts as well.

Storytelling is a treasure box that involves the skills of listening, recalling, and re-telling, which lay the foundation of the oral tradition in linguistic abilities. It serves as an effective technique in comprehension skills. We plan to combine storytelling with traditional arts that keep the children hooked to 2 hours of witty stories laced with musical narrative of Villu Paatu and a Puppetry performance that brings alive the resourcefulness of the mind, reviving their creativity and surprise elements.

International Tamil Storytelling Festival 2023 - Poster.jpg

Our program will encompass different stories in Tamil from tellers who come from other countries to share their tales of fun and amusement. Revival of the ancient art form of storytelling is one of our aims behind initiating such a Storytelling Festival, so that people get to enjoy the sheer experience of listening to stories and getting transported to a new world through arts as a medium. Combined with other art forms, storytelling gets an
upliftment and becomes more engaging for the audience.

The aim  of this event has been to bond people through Tamil stories and facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the past generations to the present. As an arts organisation, we also believe in empowering our audience with arts and culture and thereby take upon the revival of art forms such as Villu Paatu and Puppetry. Since our primary target audience are the preschool and primary school children, followed by parents, teachers and public, we want to provide them an enriching experience through a blend of wit and tradition, while at the same time entertain them with simple stories that create a lasting impression in the viewers' minds.

Program Details

Suitable for pre-schoolers & primary school students

Date: 2 July 2023
Time: 3 pm To 5 pm
Venue: Woodlands Regional Library - Programme Zone (level 1)

Free admission
Registration mandatory

For Enquiries:

02 Jul 2023, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm SGT
Woodlands Regional Library ,
900 S Woodlands Dr, #01-03 Civic Centre, Singapore 730900
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