A Tamil Musical Production

Boonlay Community Club - Mini Theatre
23rd February 2019

For Children Aged 4 to 7


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JING JAK depicts the story of three friends, Radin Mas the princess, Jak the boy- turned horse and Jing the sad peacock. Radin Mas is befriending them and bringing them to Asli to solve their problems.


Our objective is Theatre to be introduced in the Tamil; the mother tongue theatre productions builds confidence among the tender hearts. The joy of Tamil is not preached but experienced by the young audience. The aim of our production “JING JAK” is to use theatre to re-emphasize to children the importance of inner beauty, both in the world around and within each of us. Our intent is to create a learning journey that is visually appealing to pre-school children, in the age group of 2 - 6 years. As our nation moves forward in this competitive world, we have to continuously align our core values with the changing times.

23 Feb 2019, 3:00 pm
Boon Lay Community Club - Mini Theatre,
10 Boon Lay Pl, Singapore 649882

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