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Naan Yaar is our forthcoming digital Musical Theatre production in Tamil language, providing an enriching experience in traditional artforms of Devarattam and Oyilattam.

About the Play

The performance will be centred upon a group of students performing for a storytelling event (kadhai thiruvizha) of their school, where the children take up well-known tales and enact using traditional art forms. In short, it is a set of stories presented by children representing various art forms for the benefit of children-audience. Other than being entertaining, it also inadvertently helps the children to display their performance and skills, in addition to storytelling.

The stories and art forms are accordingly selected to suit and hold the interests of the younger generation. 

We will be employing the art techniques of VilluPaatu, with a group of children narrating the story in a creative musical format with appropriate songs and chorus to suit the group performance.

Puppetry is always an amusing part of children’s storytelling. We will be using puppets as main characters in one segment of the play. They never fail to entertain the young children as they look seemingly inanimate but can communicate and articulate their thoughts well. 

Therukoothu is another art element in the play. It provides a mix of music, dance, dialogue and is catchy in its performance, providing a very dynamic theatre experience.

Show Details

Suitable for Primary Students
Flexible show date & time available
Venue: Online  
Tickets: $ 20 per pax (Minimum of 20 Students per show)
Language: Tamil
Duration: 40 Minutes


For School Bookings: | +6590035332

Frequently Asked Questions (School Bookings)

  1. What is the duration of the play?
    The play runs just under 40 minutes

  2. Can you give us a flexible time slot?
    Yes, you can opt for a flexible time slot. Please do write to us the size of your class and we can arrange an alternate time for you.

  3. Are we allowed to have breaks?
    You can briefly pause the video and resume a few minutes later. We can allot a margin of 10 minutes break. The portal will be open for an additional 15 minutes to the total play time.

  4. Can I have a zoom conversation with the cast or the crew?
    Yes. We would love to have a post-talk with your students. Kindly confirm the number of students and we can arrange for a zoom talk with the cast or the crew. This is based on cast & crew availability only.

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