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July 2016

Woodlands Regional Library


To revive, appreciate, and promote our ancient folk art form of storytelling is the intent behind creating Storython. It is an inspirational marathon storytelling project that covers eight hours of continuous storytelling, narrated in varied styles from an expansive repertoire.

The Storython will feature both local and international storytellers who will craft, share and inspire with stories narrated in four national languages of English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil throughout the session. The unique proposition of Storython will be its multi-lingual feature that aims to bring all Singaporeans together.

Storytelling is not just the ancient art of collective memories but is increasingly leveraged upon as an effective teaching tool. This process of storytelling involves the betterment of listening skills, which will initiate the search for language arts and help master their oral, aural and written skills.

AKT Festival 2017


The main aim of the programme is to involve the Singaporeans, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, thereby proving the statement "Many races, one Singapore". Theatre and Storytelling are getting revived around the world, and we seek to join hands by refreshing, reviving and rejuvenating these art forms in our country as well. 

A country with a multi-lingual diaspora needs to appreciate them all in totality, and AKT festival helps in promoting multiple art forms to reach one and all, across all ages. 

July 2017

National Library Tree House

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