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About AK Theatre

AK Theatre continuously works on innovative and creative ways to promote Arts and Tamil Language to the young audience and encourage them to speak Tamil and contribute to the growth of Tamil language. We look upon arts and storytelling as a way to preserve our Tamil language, history and culture in Singapore. AK Theatre will focus on preserving and promoting folkloric traditions and theatre techniques for all ages

About #AK50

AK Theatre presents an evening of performance and memories entitled Anandha Kondaatam. It celebrates Anandha Kannan and his accomplishments as a Singaporean Indian who brought fame to the country and in India where he became a trendsetter because of his love, passion and innovation in Tamil Language, arts and culture. His contributions in many fields include theatre, as a TV host and a radio jockey and setting up AK Theatre where traditional Tamil art forms and educational programmes are made available for students and the community.

This celebration will highlight his strong belief system and values such determination, commitment, and sense of responsibility he had for the Tamil language and arts, his family, friends and the Indian community.

It will highlight key chapters in his life that include his early years as a youth theatre enthusiast; a Tamil TV presenter in the early 90s; his challenging move and entry into media industry in India; as a Trendsetter and an icon in the media industry in Chennai; his re-entry to the Singapore media industry as a TV presenter and actor; and concludes by showing his quest to make Tamil Language and Traditional arts a living language and art form through his founding company AK Theatre.
Through this narrative, the performances will showcase various theatre groups / artistes, TV personalities, dance groups and AK Theatre.


About Anandha Kannan

An avid explorer of the Theatre and Fine Arts since school, Anandha Kannan has come across as a gregarious, animated and engaging artist naturally. Theatre has remained an integral part of his life since the age of five. As a child artist, he had performed in many plays and had later co-founded the Ravindran Drama Group. After completing his Advance Diploma in Film production, he underwent training in traditional theatre, Silambam & Thudumbu from Padma Shri Na Muthusamy, Founder of Koothu-P-Patarai. He also took training from Gil Alon (international Zen Master and Theatre Specialist), Edgar (Cuban Aerial artist and storyteller), John (SDEA Master class).

He is the Founder Director of AK Theatre Limited (Singapore), Creative Director of Anandha Koothu Trust and Artistic Director of AKT Creations. As a theatre director and scriptwriter, he has staged musicals infusing traditional folk arts Karagam and Parai, and three of the 5 great Tamil epics - Silambu, Seevagan and Kesi in contemporary forms. He has scripted plays including Jing Jak, Thali, Chikkumangu, Jill and ‘700’ in Singapore.

He has been directed and has also been a Creative director of full-length theatre productions by Anandha Koothu Theatre (India), based on classic Tamil works (Indrajith, Panchali, Oorvasiyin Sabam, Paramatha Guru, Chandrahari, Alli Charithiram, Kichaga Vadham).As an actor, he has shown his grit in many plays including Unthicholi, Vattam, Adagu (monologue), Ponniyin Selvan.

Apart from Theatre, he has established himself as a successful host and actor for two decades providing many popular shows like Jodi Porutham and Sindbad in Sun Network, Oor Kuruvi, Savaal Singapore in Vasantham Mediacorp and Anjarai Petti in Zee Tamil. He has directed TV shows; Asku Isku for Vasantham. He was a popular Radio jockey for Radiocity, Star Group and Video jockey for Sun Network.

He has been awarded as International Youth Icon in World Universities Youth Conference (2008), Best Actor in Television Actors Guild Award (South India 2008) and Best Anchor Pradhana Vizha 2012 (Singapore TV Awards).

A Singapore Film Commission Council scholar, he is a passionate performer keen to share his vast knowledge, insights and love for theatre with students from all walks of life. Using his artistry, he shares his magic with the world, spreading warmth and happiness, raising important questions, and amplifying voices of the unheard.

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